Why we started a Sustainable Company

The 2018 Farm Bill passed by the US Government paved the way for Americans to again start to use one of Earth's most sustainable, enduring resources we've ever seen. Unfortunately, hemp farmers weren't using mountains of Hemp biomass piling up on their farms across the US. The founder of Responsibly Organic decided we were going to figure out a way to recycle this overlooked resource. The Founders of Responsibly Organic having been trailblazers in the cannabis and hemp industry saw a need in the market for sustainable products that could be competitive to national brands. 


The first solution started with The Hemp Log - a 3-hour burning natural product that is carbon negative even as it burns.  Now our product options have grown from fire logs to BBQ Smoke Pellets, to animal bedding and cat litter!  This is only the beginning of a full line of products to shrink our carbon footprint globally.  Responsibly Organic is built upon the core foundation of making sustainable, affordable products so that the people who care can use it in daily life.  We are committed to changing the world with our sustainable carbon-neutral USA-made Hemp products.

Today our co-op of farms throughout the US provides us with quality Hemp enabling our team to focus on teaching Americans the AMAZING attributes of hemp and why it offsets and beats its competitors in all of the different products we use it for daily.